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The finish on your ride, defines you. Head on over to the Paintisdead catalog and find the finish that reflects your individuality.

Arlon Aztec Bronze Matte Metallic PAINT IS DEAD

Not your average SAAB Story..

Sometimes, it’s just time for change. When Identity Design first wrapped Brandon Schlegel’s Saab 92X in it’s minty fresh skin, it became an instant hit at shows, meets, and all over the internet. The car was loud and proud as it hit the streets as a number one freshmaker. A year later, Brandon was ready for change. Veering away from his car’s “in your face” attitude, he chose to go with som…


Phenomen-ALL. Gorgeous GTR’s by PHENOMenal Vinyl

Cat’s out of the bag. Avery’s new line up of colors is amazing, and PHENOMenal Vinyl out of Oceanside, New York is here to show off some Light Green Pearlescent and Orange Pearlescent love on these beautiful Nissan GTR’s. Enjoy~


Arlon Certification at PID Headquarters, Jacksonville, FL

Wrap training classes are a dime a dozen. Most offer the attendee little more than the basics when it comes to real world experience, yet end up being more of a sales pitch from the manufacturer, or distributor behind the class. As Arlon has entered this realm, they ran the risk of falling into the same rut as most manufacturers offering this type of class. After attending the first US Certi…

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