Can you quote a wrap on my car?

The short answer is no, the truth is so many factors go into a quote for a wrap, that there is no way we can accurately quote a wrap for your vehicle, Visit our locations page, and find a great local shop near you to quote, and install a professional wrap for your vehicle!

What is Paint is Dead?

It’s a lot of things, but all things wrap industry. Certified Installers, PRO Wrapping Tools, the Annual WWWRAP Event, and PROTRAINING, all combined with the most well known brand, in the wrap world!

Who can join Paint is Dead?

Every Certified Paint is Dead Facility is brick and mortar store, that successfully dominates their local market, and looks to grown their influence in the industry, as well as give back to the wrap world annually.

How to join Paint is Dead?

Joining Paint is Dead as a Certified Facility isn’t easy, however it’s worth the blood sweat and stress it takes to be regarded as the best in the industry! If interested, click here to begin the membership processĀ JOIN PID

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