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PGNOLA shows the TRUCKIN world why Paint is Dead

PGNOLA’s Kevin Kempf gives us a glimpse into his artistic mind with this month’s cover of TRUCKIN’ Magazine.


It wasn’t that long ago that wraps, and graphics were just a thing to do. Today, a wrap, or graphics package is almost a prerequisite to event coverage, and even the covers of nationally recognized publications.


This month’s issue of Truckin Magazine showcases that with PGNOLA’s MegaRam gracing the cover. Titled “Build What the Factory Won’t” it shows how customization is in full swing these days, bridging the gap between what we ‘want’, vs what the automotive manufacturer’s offer.  Right at the top of that list is exterior finishes, and colors.


No matter the manufacturer, you pick from their selection of colors, and finishes that they feel the public wants.  No one wants what anyone can get, so the natural option is to use that platform as a foundation, and build what you want.   This feature showcases this desire, to the extreme.  This build literally has thousands of dollars in parts, and options, to give the owner what he really wanted. Among all those dollars the most apparent is the custom designed, and installed wrap by one of the wrap industries leaders, Kevin Kempf, of PGNOLA in New Orleans, Louisiana.



Go pickup an issue of TRUCKIN Magazine this month, and check out this amazing build, and one of Paint is Dead’s premier locations, PGNOLA, shining in the limelight!