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P.G.D.’s Contest Winning Arlon Wrap!

It’s common knowledge that the car community in Japan goes above and beyond anything else, and the vinyl community is no exclusion to that.

Recently, Arlon put on a wrap competition. The Arlon Wrap Wars – Accent Edition! It’s no surprise that P.G.D. took home first place in this competition with this extraordinary wrap on this BMW.

Using Arlon Electric Lime 855 as the predominant color, they offset that beautiful color with Arlon Brushed Silver 507BR, in addition to some carbon accents. Truly a masterpiece.

As always Paint is Dead is the leading Network for the best quality wraps around, and if you’re in Japan looking for a good shop, we’ve got you covered. Check out P.G.D. for anything you need, and as always, don’t forget to check out the pictures following!

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