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APA #ChromeDesign Ferrari 458 Italia

If you’re currently attending the FESPA 2015 in Cologne, Germany, then you’ve seen this car. No doubt about it. But for the rest of us unable to make the trip to Germany; I give you the APA/PRO-WRAP/MetroWrapz/Knifeless/Paint is Dead Collaboration Ferrari 458 Italia.

This car just goes to shop that wraps are getting more and more intense, and when multiple wrappers can come together to build a collaboration such as this, beautiful works of art can be created.

Covered in multiple layers of APA Chrome, matte chrome and satin; this car is truly a work of art.  Add some Knifeless Tape and some beautiful designs to it, and you’ve got a car that can never be replicated.

Now a lot of people are confused as to how such a design is created and applied to a the car, luckily the guys behind this project have included a video for all of us to enjoy! Check it out below!

That about wraps it up for this! As always, enjoy the following photos of this beauty, and for those of you at FESPA 2015, make sure to take a bunch of photos and tag us on Instagram at @PAINTISDEAD_COM!