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Get Perked Up With CAFEspA

There’s nothing like waking senses up to V8’s crowing like roosters, the flashing stars of camera’s, and kid’s chasing you down the street like a Hollywood Star. Where you can take a stroll, sip on that morning sunshine, rest your lips on that pillow of sweetness we call donuts, and glaze over those cars we call love. To be able to step out of the hectic life to enjoy what you once knew as smiles and good times. There’s no better way to say good morning to close friends and fellow car enthusiasts than at CAFEspA Cars N’ Coffee San Francisco.

The crew down at CAFEspA wanted an experience that all Motorheads want – a place to enjoy their pleasures and be kids again. Heading that pack is Nickolas Christensen with a supporting cast of Abby, Vanessa, Charles, Suman, and Tim. There is no prejudice here as you can roll up in a classic to an exotic. Rows and rows, more than any photo can see, more than any oasis can paint. All is welcomed! There’s nothing like that brotherhood feeling. Where Type A’s and B’s cruise the tarmac. Don’t be afraid to hit up a high five or post up a fist pump because you are in safe territory.

What drives Christensen to make a mark in the car scene? Well his love for cars started at a young age with his dad, who shared his grease monkey experiences, that showed Christensen the way. Christensen has had many great car experiences from the days in Europe driving in Supercars to feeling the cars fly by at Daytona. Nothing beats that father and son time though, a lost art of today’s world. With a good recipe of parenting, Christensen wanted to create something we could all share together just as his father did with him. There’s nothing like family. It only gets better when bigger. He does have regrets, but insists without them he wouldn’t be where he is today. It’s all about that push that gets you close to the edge. If you don’t see that you can hit bottom, then you aren’t doing something right. Christensen is a strong believer in keeping the ones around you close. “Inspire and encourage others to work together to accomplish some amazing things.”

To put things into perspective of what personalities run Cars N’ Coffee, here’s a little more depth. The CAFEspA Team doesn’t earn a single Washington for their efforts. “No money ever touches my hands. It goes straight to the local charity we represent,” Christensen said. “Everything we get is donated, from the 70 gallons of coffee from Hilton to the parking attendants. Even the tea lovers get 20 gallons of hot water.” Christensen gets help from all and any corner of the world. “It’s important we give back.” Many people in all communities have an impression that car enthusiasts are shallow, as if all tall people are basketball players. Having groups like CAFEspA just pulls those blinders off.

As I enjoyed walking around for the few hours, time flew, hours ticked like minutes. Running into old friends, catching up on new times, and saying hello to first time friendships. It’s priceless. If you are looking for some warmth in the mourning when the sheets are cold, rolling up to CAFEspA Cars N’ Coffee San Francisco is a must. Bring your smiles, because the cameras are waiting. Salute!

You can find more photos from the event, right HERE!

This is Trev Nish reporting for Paint Is Dead in San Francisco California at Treasure Island, motor out!