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AVERY | Two Tools to Make Installing Easier!

Continuing on the tools theme this month, I’m going to talk about two of the newer tools on the market.  These are the Magnet and the Application Glove.Graphics Solutions Tools

The magnets come in several shapes and sizes.  The most common are the round magnets with a handle in the center.  This is the style of the Avery magnet.  These little things are strong and will work well for holding up prints.  I’ve also seen magnets that were originally intended to be used as a stud finder.  The size and shape and lower profile of the stud finder magnets are nice for holding long horizontal graphics that you want to hold into place and do a center hinge application.

Avery Dennison Car Graphics Solutions Magnet Tool

The great advantage of using a magnet is it doesn’t come undone like tape usually does.  How many times have you taken a break after setting up your graphics only to come back and have one or all of them lying on the floor because the masking tape did not hold?  Also, magnets will make positioning the graphic easier.  You can actually slide the graphic under the magnet without risking pulling the tape free on the other end.
The obvious disadvantage to magnets is that not every substrate is steel.  For these surfaces you will just have to go old school and use tape to hold the film into place.

Application Glove

Avery Dennison Car Wrapping Application Gloves
Are you one of those installers that lick your finger (or wipe your finger across your sweaty brow) and then use that finger to push the vinyl into place.  If so, I have one word….Gross!  Just kidding.  Seriously, this glove does help out in that area, but without putting your spit or sweat all over the wrap.

When stretching the film, the glove can be dampened with water and it slides across the film very easily.  It also protects your finger from the heat when the vinyl is warm.  Check out this YouTube video of Justin Pateusing the application glove to apply our new Conform Chrome Wrapping Film to the door handle of a car.

You can also see the application glove in use in this video to stretch the film into place at the recessed areas of a Sprinter van.

In the case of the Sprinter van application, I like using the application glove better than the rollers that are also available on the market because I have better control over the pressure I’m using to push the film into place.  The glove is also much less expensive than the roller is and can be used in other areas of installation.
Both of these tools can be purchased at distributors that carry the Avery Dennison line of products.  Just ask yourlocal sales representative for pricing and availability.

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