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BMW Iconic 8 Dressed In Giovanna’s Threads

We’ve all seen wraps or wraps which you thought was paint, from solid colors to MC Escher designs. The wrap world has hit the scene, walking the runways strutting its attitudes. It’s a culture, it’s a personality, it’s a way of life for the car world. Just as with any outfits, there are accessories. A company that is known for making an impression is Giovanna Wheels. You’ve seen how they’ve hit the wheel world, and now, just imagine them in the wrap culture. This Friday, March 27th, Giovanna Wheels released a line up of colors with the help of Avery Dennison. The colors are most definitely on that next level.

I was fortunate enough to get a call from Adam Shipp at Ikon Wraps, who contacted me about a BMW i8 wrapped in Giovanna Edition Matte Metallic Grigio, with Giovanna Edition Satin Pearl Cielo Blu accents. He needed pictures of it done, so without hesitation, I went to San Antonio, Texas! The BMW i8 is already a special piece of pie with ice cream; however, laid in Giovanna exclusive vinyl, well that just became the whip cream and cherry on top.

As I entered where the i8 was parked at inside of Ikon Wraps, it gleamed like a jewel behind secured lines. As if it wasn’t special enough, the added special touches made it like winning the lotto on your honeymoon. Jaw dropping, all stopping – this color lets you know it’s no factory color. With its hints of grays and pearl reflecting in the light, and a touch of metallic saying “hello”. The trim also got some touches from the new Giovanna Edition Satin Pearl Celio Blue. It just sings out custom. When Adam Shipp and I were out shooting this iconic 8, many people stopped. Being we were on a country road with very little traffic, if any, many stopped with their cell phones out as well as with comments and questions. When you can stop a non car enthusiast, you know you’ve done it right. Complimenti Giovanna for making a bellissimo art piece.

This is Trev Nish reporting for Paint Is Dead, motor out!

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