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MFest TX with Trev Nish, and Adam Shipp


When you think of BMW’s ‘M’ moniker, you think fast, precise, uncompromising. When you think of Texas, you think everything in the previous statement, with just a little more sprinkled on top.  So what happens when an M Meet, and the state of Texas collide? All of the insanity you would expect from hundreds of M-cars, but then, just a little bit more.  This year was unique in the fact that this event was opened up to more than just the M-Cars, this years event was based on community, and bringing all “motorheads” together to enjoy an absolutely spectacular afternoon of cars.

So today we suit up with Trev Nish, from HandsOff / TMNPhoto, and IKON WRAPS CEO Adam Shipp, as they head out to MFEST TX, and spend the day surrounded by some of the best performance vehicles on the road!

MFest Ikon

(words by Trev Nish)

MFest of Texas made its debut this Spring 2015. Striping the streets of Austin Texas were BMWs, Exotics, and even American Muscle – traveling from all areas of the US, cars came from California to New York. Cars that most have not seen in person, and roars most ears can only dream of. All of them collaborated at the beautiful OASIS at Lake Travis in Austin. They call this MFest due to the world of BMW’s Motorsport Division but honestly they made it more of a community event this year, bringing all Motorheads together. Breaking that stereotypical vibe that BMW’s tend to leave on the pavement. MFest? More like BFest – B as in Brotherhood. It was very nice to see and experience every angle of this event. I was able to arrive early due to the help of the MFest crew to get the grasp of the whole event. Being I am a huge enthusiast from birth, this was very key for me. Seeing the great organization, from the parking, to all the friendlies out there, this event can make any enthusiast smile from wheel to wheel. The DJ spinning music in the air and a big supporting cast of vendors came out to the event as well. From detailing companies, to tuning companies – even a dyno on wheels was on the grounds. Car clubs came marching thru in waves of support, and in the end, an easy 1000 cars graced the event this year. So much was going on it was impossible to get bored. There was no one standing still. I saw every demographic, from elderly, to kids, enjoying the event. Which reminds me to do a shootout to all the parents…The respect I saw every kid carry, was amazing! Often time enthusiasts worry about touching, scratching, and banging into vehicles, but this event was one of the first where I literaly didn’t need any “Hand-off” decals, THANK YOU to the parents of TX for teaching your children respect! Respect surrounded this whole event; there was no drama, no idiots doing burnouts in crowded areas, I didn’t even see a cigarette being smoked. If you didn’t have the chance to get to this event, well I hate saying it, but you missed out. Don’t worry though it’s not the last one, in speaking with a friend James R Perry, the host of MFest of Texas, I was guaranteed there’s another MFest event coming with much bigger plans in the works. Hope to see you at the next MFest of Texas. THANK YOU to all that made this event happen.  This is Trev Nish reporting for PaintIsDead, motor out!


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  1. It was an awesome and well organized event. Can’t wait for what James has in store for next time!

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