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The Little Civic That Could!

Today we have quite the rare specimen, a fast Civic! But not just one of those dime-a-dozen, sort of fast Hondas. Oh no, this one is blistering fast. For starters, it’s pushing around 1,100HP,  and trapping 8.72 seconds @ 178MPH in the quarter mile. I don’t know about you, but that sounds fast enough to start peeling paint! But lucky for it, this car isn’t painted. I mean, you didn’t expect to come to Paint is Dead, and find a feature about a painted car, did you?

Wrap Specialties, out of New Jersey, went above and beyond for Ricky Silva’s drag Civic. When Ricky approached Marcos from Wrap Specialties asking for red chrome, he was left with a dilemma. Back when this car was wrapped, there was no single “red chrome” material on the market yet. But did that stop Marcos, did he suggest a different color? Of course not. He thought with his head, and whipped up this beautiful concoction of a vinyl wrap.

The base vinyl on the car is standard Avery Dennison Chrome, but on top of that Marcos added a layer of HEXIS Transparent Red, to give it that beautiful red chrome look that Ricky originally asked for. But, it wouldn’t be a drag car if it was one single color though, right? In addition to the beautiful chrome, a sleek design was applied to give this Civic the beautiful livery that it has today. Add some matching sponsor stickers, and you’ve got a car that’s not only going to get to the moon faster than ever, but it’s going to look damn good while it’s doing it.

So if you’re ever in Linden, New Jersey, swing by Wrap Specialties and check them out! From drag liveries, to full solid color changes, they can do it all.

Wrap Specialties
1901 East Linden Ave.
Linden, New Jersey 07036
Marcos: (908) 400-0309
Nick: (908) 966-3552

And as always, Ricky Silva would like to thank his sponsors;

CLM Motorsports                              MAINGEAR
ATP Turbo                                           Ferrea Racing Components
Wrap Specialties                                PPG Gears
Turbo By Garrett                               Golden Eagle MFG
JE Pistons                                           Headway Performance
Tri-State Motorsports                      Web Camshafts
Web Camshafts                                  Injector Dynamics
Racespec                                             Driveshaft Shop
Pro-Jay                                                Quickstrip
JR Photography                                Eat Sleep Race