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Find a Cure Project’s BMW E92 M3 – It’s More Than a Car, It’s About Life

Find a Cure Project’s BMW E92 M3 – It’s More Than a Car, It’s About Life

If you were to see this BMW E92 M3 the first thought that may come to mind is “what’s the story behind this?”. I know that was my first reaction when I saw this car. I also thought it was a pretty selfless act in that this owner cared more about finding a cure than worry that he was driving a pink car. I think this is courageous considering how much macho testosterone there tends to be in the auto enthusiast scene. Being an auto enthusiast by nature is typically a self-centered hobby, perhaps like most hobbies. But just because the hobby can be self-centered many enthusiasts find ways to give back to their communities from toy drives to fundraisers, and the story of this car is a perfect example of giving back.

The interview

So here I am getting the chance to really find out what the story is behind the car, and what finding the cure is for. My first question for the owner, Trev, “what is Find a Cure Project (FACP), and why did you decide to wrap your car to promote it?” Honestly the answer wasn’t surprising it had to be someone close to him. His grandmother, passed away from breast cancer. This hits home for many of us who have lost someone to cancer, in whatever form. Trev’s experience goes a bit further with losing many family members to cancer, which is a difficult thing to experience if you’ve known someone who has succumbed this disease.

“I’ve had a lot of family die of cancer in general as well. It was time I felt for me to do something. This is what I came up with. I couldn’t cure it but I could definitely make it more aware.” – Trev

For Trev, this is more than a car, “it’s about life’. Many people would get hung up on the superficial aspect by criticizing the pink vinyl wrap on a high performance BMW M3, and this is something Trev tends to experience quite often.

“I’m on the defense a lot about the project. My closest friends see it as well. Maybe they don’t see it a lot, but more than expected. I’ve heard and read things like, “why mess up a M3, why do that to a car” or “I’d do that for free product too.” I think until breast cancer affects your family it’s just hard to realize what the whole point is about. What most don’t know is that the car was already made up or modified before the project even began. No free products. What really drives the motivation are the people who get it, those who understand the importance of awareness. Those who sees what bringing the community together means. That it is for the women who have touched our lives. “- Trev

For those that are still upset about this car being wrapped after reading this you have bigger issues than stressing over Trev’s car. Go give you mom or a nice lady a hug because you need it.

What led Trev to choose an E92 M3 as the car to buy goes back to high school when Brecht BMW did a display of driving, now called drifting, at his high school with a few e36 M3’s. After that day it became his dream car. Just as all dreams evolve. It turned into another dream of his, FACP. He knew FACP would need something that looked mean, made a point, and that caught people’s eyes. And it definitely catches people’s eyes.

It’s not easy trying to get people buy into your vision, Trev quickly realized.

“In the beginning of the project, just as most visions, people don’t see or understand the full potential that the creator sees. I came across this too. It was hard to make people believe. I needed support in the biggest ways. I just couldn’t take no for an answer. So I pursued it like a vengeance. I went to businesses that knew me. I started with my best friend Shareef Khan at SS Customs for support. He was able to take my story to 3M and his parents sign shop, Sam’s Signs Inc, for help. All three companies stepped right up to the plate. I went to my local watering hole, Starbucks, who was also eager to help. Others quickly followed, SF Giants, Les Schwab Tire Center, HRE Wheels, International Auto Body and Paint, and Nike. Many friends stepped up to help as well. Beastmobiles, EMK Lifestyles, Paint Is Dead, eGarage, Gintani, Avery Dennison, and LTMW. It was really nice seeing this grow into Find A Cure Project.” -Trev

When asked if he will always keep the wrap on?

“I definitely want a cure just as we all do. I see FACP not to promote a cure but as an awareness campaign. It’s not about donations because honestly I don’t really ask for any from the public. It’s all about the support. Support is worth more than any greenback. It doesn’t matter if its cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, it’s still all about support.”

Lets talk about mods

“I’ve done the protective paint film under the wrap, done by my friend Jeremy Gomez at Invisiguard. A carbon dress up kit was applied using a few different companies to make the look just right in my eyes. Gintani, LTMW, and Vorsteiner. The V8 needed a proper growl.  I went with Remus Exhausts with an Active Autowerkes intake. I also changed the shoes on her. I went with the “Tiffany” of wheels, HRE Wheels. They are surrounded with Toyo Tires. To get the stance proper I went with Dinan stage 2 suspension. I am very happy with all the mods and recommend them to any enthusiast.”  – Trev

Future mods?

“Ive thought about it. Probably yes. What? It’s best to keep it as a cliff hanger. But I can say one thing a new wrap is in the works.” -Trev

How can someone who sees your car or is reading this help FACP?

“The best thing to do is contact me at I’m doing most of this by myself. I do need help. It’s hard running an awareness campaign with only one person. If one can make a splash think of what a 100 could do, or even a thousand people could do.”




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