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The KPMF Pacific Blue Gloss Rolls Royce Phantom by PG Nola is Something of the Future.

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen some pretty “out of this world” wraps. In my opinion, this beautiful wrap by PG Nola takes the cake. This Rolls Royce Phantom, which consists of many different layers of vinyl, is something from the future.

Starting with the bottom center of the bumper, over the grill, up the hood and running all the way to the rear, PG Nola covered it with Avery Titanium Brushed metal to give it that classic two tone look. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Here’s where it gets really crazy.

The rest of the car is covered in the beautiful KPMF Gloss Pacific Blue with a Chameleon Laminate, over a black base. But wait, there’s more! They also added some of the laminate on top of the brushed metal, in addition to custom embossing most of the carĀ using Knifeless Tape.

The attention to detail is like no other, this wrap job is truly one of a kind. Add some color accents to the wheels, and you have a Rolls Royce that will never look like another car on the planet.

If you ever find yourself in the New Orleans area, stop by PG Nola.

PG Nola
943 Westwood Drive, Marrero, LA 70072