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Gloss Emerald Pearl Metallic FRS by #201WRAP


Avery Gloss Emerald Pearl Metallic by #201WRAP | Paint is Dead

If there is one car on the market making a ton of noise, it’s the Scion FRS. Known for being a solid, great looking rear wheel drive car, with a decent price tag, the FRS is the platform for thousands of builds today. Adam Stastny’s FRS is one of them, but not like any of them.

Identity Design (#201WRAP) in Jacksonville Florida, home to, took Adam’s FRS from clean to mean wrapping his entire car in Avery Dennison’s Gloss Emerald Pearl Metallic, and equipping it with a fresh wheel powdercoat.

With the full wrap installed by James Bowen, Adam’s FRS is in full beast mode now. Wrapping a car is about making things personal. Creating a style and look unique to you, and unlike anything out there. Adam went big, and hit a home run, this car makes for a beautiful package, and give it a classy, sophisticated look.


Photos by Derek Wheeler

Wrap by Identity Design

See the FULL Album, on our Flickr.