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While out in California for the Grand Opening of SS Customs, Paint is Dead learned a bit about the Find a Cure Project, and instantly became a huge supporter. While wrapping things up on the BMW, Trev Nish, found of the project, shared stories with Austin Smith, founder of Paint is Dead, and we couldn’t help but want to promote a great cause. Please check out the Find a Cure Project, and be sure to show your support.

Here’s some more backround from Trev Nish himself,

“Cancer has touched the lives of many, whether battling it in our own bodies, or standing by helplessly as a loved one struggles to survive. I thought of everyone in my family who was affected by cancer. That’s when the seed of the idea began to grow, as it blossomed into Find A Cure Project. Statistically, one in eight of our mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to start this project to help bring our community together to support the women who have given us life, changed our lives, and who carry us into the future. Being a car enthusiast, I saw that there was a huge opportunity to get the car community involved. When the idea came to me, I reached out to friends who were able to help bring it to life from A to Z. Because my BMW M3 was already highly customized, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring these together. I knew this was the best way to show my support. Not only is the car wrapped, it will be signed by survivors to serve as a reminder of lives touched. For those who want to support this project, National Breast Cancer Foundation has teamed up with Find A Cure Project. NBCF has established a donation website ( where all of the proceeds will go towards mammograms. You can also follow Find A Cure Project on Facebook ( and Instagram (FindACureProject).
I would like to thank all of the sponsors and supporters: National Breast Cancer Foundation, 3M, SSCustoms, Sam’s Signs, HRE Performance Wheels, Starbucks, Les Schwab Tire Centers, 100OCT, EMK Lifestyle, Weatherford BMW, IKON Wraps, Paint Is Dead, International Auto Body & Paint, BeastMobiles, HandsOff, Behind The Wheel, and the San Francisco Giants.”